Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC is always ready to talk trades. From antiques to modern firearms, we can offer cash-on-the-spot or store credit for your Guns & Militaria. We evaluate firearms at 60% condition reflecting wholesale based upon the valuations in the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad. For the latest edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values, please visit the Blue Book of Gun Values Official Website Here. We are also interested in estates, collections and liquidations.

For Inquiries, please contact Colt S. Stephens at or by telephone at 828-890-8200 during the store hours

Consignments are not offered at this time.

A specific list of antiques & militaria we are looking for is available on the Antiques page.

Maximizing The Value of Your Trade-in

There are many factors that influence the quotes that we provide for your firearms and collections. Several of these factors are listed below:

  • Function - Is the action or slide gritty or otherwise impaired? Is the slide release, magazine release or other various controls loose or sloppy from use? Does the action, bolt or slide lock completely against the chamber? Is the magazine spring strong enough to consistently feed the firearm?

  • Completeness - Does the firearm include the original box? Does the firearm come with all the original factory accessories such as extra magazines, threaded barrel adapters or chokes, cleaning tools, manuals, warranty cards, test cartridge or other various factory provided items? If certain parts were removed or upgraded on the firearm such as sights, pins or springs, are the original factory parts provided?

  • Condition - Is the original factory finish intact, or the aftermarket finish such as Cerakote or Duracote intact? Is there rust present on any part of the firearm? Is there pitting, scratches or dents present on the firearm? Is the wood or plastic cracked? Is the wood darkened from oil and weakened? Is the bore darkened from age and neglect? Is the rifling in the barrel deep cut, remaining sharp, and free from missing chunks of metal or pitting?

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Firearm

The most common mistake that novice and intermediate firearms enthusiasts is during the sale of Firearms to an unlicensed entity. In scenarios such as private party sales and Gun Shows, the seller is placed at an immense risk with the danger of the buyer being a prohibited person and attempting to illegally obtain a firearm when they could not purchase one through traditional means. Private party sellers have very few avenues to conduct a background check of any sort regarding the buyer, and most often the private party buyers exploit the sellers. The safest way to sell a firearm is to a Federally Licensed entity that will legally protect you. By selling to a Federal Firearms Licensee, you are removing the risk of a prohibited person purchasing a firearm from you and unknowingly supplying a prohibited person.

The specific criteria that defines a prohibited person as well as the penalties accrued for violation is found in 18 U.S. Code § 922 which is also viewable below: