Military-specification M16 with underbarrel M203 40mm grenade launcher

Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC, is a fully licensed, FFL 07/02 Manufacturer & Dealer who can assist you with all kinds of NFA products. From suppressors to fully-automatic firearms, we can assist you in finding your new favorite range king.

The current estimated wait time as of 4/28/2021 was 12 months for individual and 15 months for trust ATF form 4's.

To purchase an NFA/Class 3 item, we will need a passport ready 2"x2" photo, a valid fingerprint card from your local sheriff's office, and for you to notify your applicable Chief Law Enforcement Officer (usually your sheriff). Along with the price of the NFA item, a current tax stamp will need to be paid to the ATF for the amount of $200 for all items except Another Other Weapon's, which are a tax stamp fee of $5.

NFA pricing inquires can be sent to or by telephone at 828-890-8200 during the store hours of 10AM to 5PM, Monday-Saturday.

For LEO Agency / Military / Export / ATF NFA Form 5 Transfee Customers

Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC as an FFL 07/02 is able to transform traditional civilian semi-automatic firearms to full-auto or burst functionality for qualified customers. Firearms platforms that we work with include AR15/M16, AK Platform, H&K Platform and variants. If your agency or department has existing rifles the process is rather simple to convert and transfer the firearms back to your agency via ATF NFA Form 5 with department letterhead pending ATF approval submitted through E-forms. Typical E-forms wait time is 14 days once the manufacturing/conversion process is complete. Total turn around is expected to be 30 days if all tooling is present to complete the work order.

Departmental sales and work order inquires can be sent to