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Looking for Modern Firearms for Sale? Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC provides the Premier Firearms Purchasing Experience in Western North Carolina. If your item is available anywhere, it can be found at Horse Shoe Firearms.

Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC utilizes Gearfire to display real-time, 24/7 streaming lists of available items from our 13 U.S. National Firearm & Sporting goods retailers. The best way to utilize this service is to begin your search at the manufacturer's website to obtain a UPC code for the product you are searching for. With this UPC code, please copy and paste this into the Shop.HorseShoeFirearms.US search bar along the left side to see if your item is in stock across all national distributors. If you item is available, do make sure you act quickly, as these real-time streaming lists are visible by both other customers and dealers alike who are in extreme competition to find inventory in stock in these difficult times.

Newly released products may not be available due to high demand, and may require entering a wait list for "allocated" items. If you have a UPC code from the manufacturer's website, and have searched for the item and it returned out of stock or unavailable, there may yet be several options to obtain a difficult-to-find item. If your item is available on Gunbroker.com from another vendor, we do accept incoming transfers for $25 or we will perform a full-service purchase of the item for you for $50 and you can pay in-store. Once the item arrives, we will need to see a North Carolina Driver's License to complete the purchase, as well as a North Carolina pistol purchase permit or North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit if purchasing a handgun. By federal law, all purchases and firearm pickups will be recorded on an ATF form 4473 at the time of sale and take less than two minutes to complete.

Certain UPC codes from high-end manufacturers may be custom-run or low production items. In this case, we can submit a custom order on your behalf to one of our distributors. In this event, we take the full amount to begin the order, and provide an estimated time frame on when the manufacturer expects to fulfill this order. Please note, that once the distributor takes our order on your behalf, we are committed to purchasing the item and the cost is non-refundable. To place a Custom or Specialty order, please email Wendy Stephens, who is available at: Wendy@Horseshoefirearms.us

Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighters and other first-responding staff will have their sales-tax paid on any individual (non-agency) firearm purchase in-store with proof of service or identification. We do offer agency ordering and pricing, to inquire about a project for your department, please email Colt Stephens at Colt@HorseShoeFirearms.US

Used Firearms, antiques and memorabilia are available through our Gunbroker listings, which are visible at the bottom of this page and the Antiques tab.

Interested in purchasing collectible & historic firearms? To view a complete list of our Curio & Relic inventory for sale, please click the link below to view our Gunbroker Online Firearm & Militaria Listings.

Viewing of these C&R firearms and antiques is also available in-store by request. To set up an appointment to view a particular item, please email Colt@Horseshoefirearms.us.

Black Powder firearms may be shipped directly to the customer without the use of an FFL transfer dealer. Curio and Relic eligible firearms can be shipped directly from our store to a C&R licensee. Firearms utilizing a self contained smokeless cartridge regardless of date of manufacture by store policy must be shipped to a valid FFL or C&R licensee.

Our Gunbroker listings can also be seen in real time below: