Blades, firearms and militaria of the Rising Sun.

Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC, carries a wide variety of collectible firearms and militaria. We have a particular emphasis and specialty with WW2 and prior Japanese antiques. We buy, sell, appraise and trade Japanese collectibles. Colt S. Stephens is our resident collector, and can answer many inquiries regarding buying and selling Japanese antiques. 

Among other items of particular interest, we are most interested in the following:

We are also interested in purchasing the following collectible firearms, models and manufacturers listed below:

WWI & WWII Firearms, German, Japanese, British, US, Italian, Russian, Yugoslavian, Romanian, Kar98, 98K, K98, P38, P08, C96, Broom Handles, MP40, PP, PPK, PPK/s, Walther, Haenel, Krieghoff, Luger, Mauser, Arisaka, Type 38, Type 99, Type 97, Type 30, Nambu, Murata, Mosin Nagant, Nagant Revolver, SVT-40, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Colt, 1911, Springfield, 1903, 1917, Enfield, No.4, No.3 and Webley.

If you have a firearm fitting any of the criteria above, we are always interested in making an offer to appraise, acquire, repair and preserve your vintage firearms. Detailed firearm appraisals & inspections for firearms made prior to 1990 are $25 per firearm, post 1990 for $15, and value-only appraisals for $10/each. Further information can be acquired by request to

Interested in purchasing collectible & historic firearms? To view a complete list of our Curio & Relic inventory for sale, please click the link below to view our Gunbroker Online Firearm & Militaria Listings.  

Viewing of these C&R firearms and antiques is also available in-store by request. To set up an appointment to view a particular item, please email

Black Powder firearms may be shipped directly to the customer without the use of an FFL transfer dealer. Curio and Relic eligible firearms can be shipped directly from our store to a C&R licensee. Firearms utilizing a self contained smokeless cartridge regardless of date of manufacture by store policy must be shipped to a valid FFL or C&R licensee.