Custom AK47 Rifles & Pistols

Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC is Proud to Provide build-to-suit AK platform rifles for the Entry Level Shooter and Refined Enthusiast-alike. By using Battle-Proven military surplus AK Rifle & Pistol kits from Cold War imported stockpiles, and further combining them with New Production USA Manufactured Chrome-Lined Barrels and new USA Manufactured Receivers, these kits can be brought back to life and live out many more years of faithful service.

As a fully licensed and insured FFL Type 07/02, Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC can source, assemble, refinish and test-fire your Dream Project AK Platform Firearm. Whether you are looking for a practical rifle or a collector grade clone rifle,
Horse Shoe Firearms, LLC is your one-stop-shop for all of your AK Platform Firearm desires.


For current inventory of Custom AK Firearms, please direct your questions to
Colt S. Stephens available at or by telephone at 828-890-8200 during the store hours of 10AM to 5PM, Monday-Saturday. You can also view Available Firearms at the bottom of this page with pricing.

To inquire about having an AK built from a parts kit, having a parts kit sourced, or modifying an existing AK parts kit or complete firearm, please give us a call at the above telephone number during store hours and request to speak with our AK Smith Shannon Lookadoo.

Pictured left to right: Polish Tantal Wz. 88 in 5.45x39, Romanian Md. 64 RPK-47 in 7.62x39, Romanian Md. 63 AKM in 7.62x39

Romanian Md.63 Parts kit Pre-assembly

Shannon A. Lookadoo - Professional AK-Smith

Former U.S. Army ArmorerNRA Certified Rifle InstructorNRA Range Safety OfficerGlock Certified Armorer

Gunsmith Hours

Monday-Tuesday 10A-5PThursday-Saturday 10A-5P828-890-8200

Price List


All Matchng Surplus Parts kit - Starting at $400 for stamped AKM-47 / Starting at $500 for Milled AK-47, RPK-47 & All AK74 / AK100-Series Firearms

Non-Matching Surplus Parts Kit (Fitting/sanding required) - Starting at $500

Virgin Parts Kit Assembly New Production - $500


Wood Furniture refinished with Tung Oil - $200

Front Sight Cant Correction - $150 with FSB / $250 without FSB

Barrel Cut & Re-Crown - 7.62x39 $150 / 5.45x39 $200

Trigger Installation (all parts present) - $100

Franklin Armory / Fostech Binary Trigger Installation* - $150 / No charge if trigger bought in-store

*If the firearm or receiver is initially incompatible with the trigger to be installed, additional hand fitting may be required at a rate of $65 per hour of required work. If such a problem is encountered during installation, we will call you before incurring the hourly fee associated with hand fitment.

Firearms Available For Sale

Yugoslavian Zastava M72 Stamped RPK Featuring Franklin Armory Binary Trigger 75+1 7.62x39 21.5"

Stamped Recreator Blanks Bulged RPK Receiver with Authentic U/R/J Yugoslavian Markings, All matching 1970s Military Demilled Imported parts kit, New Production 24" Finned M72 US-Made Barrel, Threaded 14x1 LH, Integrated matching Yugoslavian bipod mounted on Front Sight.$3499.99

New Production 2020 Wytwornia Broni Jacek Popinski (WBP) Fox Polish AK74/5.56 NATO 16" 30+1

Childers Guns US-Made CG556 Marked Stamped Receiver, New Production US Made 16.1" 5.56 NATO Barrel, Threaded 1/2x28, New production imported WBP Parts kit from Rogów, Poland. New Production US-Made laminate furniture set with Hogue Rubberized grip.$3999.99

Previous Firearms

Romanian Stamped AKM Md. 63 Fixed Stock 7.62x39 16.1" 30+1Price Realized: $1800
Romanian Stamped Bulged Trunnion Md. 64 RPK47 7.62x39 24" 75+1Featuring Franklin Armory AK Binary Trigger System BFSIII Price Realized: $3500
Polish Wz.88 Stamped AK74 Tantal 5.45x39 16.1" 30+1 Sidefolding StockPrice Realized: $2850